Gallery 1 (2016 - 2018) Deanna by Nature - Deanna by Nature

Hawk Take Off 2692

This Red Tail Hawk sat in the tree out beyond the field, at the edge of the second field, all day. I used my 1300mm lens. I hand hold my lenses, no tri-pod or mono-pods. I was lucky to have the convenience of seeing him from my upstairs window. So a few times during the day, I would stand and wait. He was in that tree, on that branch from 8:33am until this photo at 4:39pm. I took many, but this one was the best. Grateful to have been watching to try to capture it!
Spiritual meaning of Hawk - Hawk soars high above looking for opportunities, so be sure to rise above the situation in order to see the whole picture. When you then see how things are, swoop in for your opportunities with clear understanding.

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