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"Is There Something in my Eye?" - Frog/Dragonfly 0818

Being new to photography, I learn something everyday. Though I am no where near a professional, I find like all the other things I love, the love equals the product magic. How, in less than two years, can these photos and seemingly unbelievable situations be captured by someone like me? It is a question I ask myself daily, mostly after a magical encounter through tears of gratitude. This photo is one of those moments. Who could focus in on a frog, snap one pic and focus to snap another and have a dragonfly/damselfly land on its eye? I'm thinking the frog was wishing for a more flexible tongue!
It’s a great time to start something new. Accept invites and explore offers. But work is more beneficial while alone. Let your song be heard, you are wonderful just as you are. Leap out and be seen.

Damselfly/Dragonfly -
Release old perceptions, change is inevitable and with Dragonfly’s help you will be able to change course without fear or anger. Damselfly is a sign of having power to overcome a blow (Physically, Mentally and Spiritually). Dragonfly is also a sign that an Angel or loved one is near assisting you at this time. Be sure to thank them!